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Epsilon 100 Part 2

01. Base with 2 doors & 2 drawers 98,5x45x63cm

02.  Basin  101x47x18cm

03. Mirror with 3 doors  100x13x75cm

03A. Led lighting ML002-200P 20x12x4.1cm

04. Wall hang closet with open shelf  25x27x130cm

05. Legs 10cm (set 4pcs)  3x3x10cm

06. Basin  60x39x10cm

07. Glass heavy construction with hidden LED light  60x100x4cm

08. Column with four shelves  35x27x160cm

09. Base with two doors, two drawers & Solid surface  100×45,5×64,2 cm

10. Basin  70x40x16cm

11. Small shelf  20x15x55cm

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